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Computer displaying an English Now! media guide

Technology in English Now! is founded on the principle that it is primarily a tool to help the teacher
deliver instruction. This principle is operationalized through: (a) professional development, and (b) classroom instruction and assessment.

I. Professional Development Technology

A. Online Training for English Now! AB and C

Online training comprises step-by-step guides for instructing students in English Now! AB and C. Each lesson type is demonstrated on video by a teacher and students. The online training, if followed sufficiently by the teacher, provides what is necessary for immediate and effective classroom implementation of the program.

B. Quick Start DVDs for English Now! AB and C

A Quick Start DVD is included in each English Now! AB and C Kit. This is for teachers who may not have access to the online training described above. The DVDs have video demonstrations of specific lesson types.

C. Presentation/Media Guide CD-ROMs

The English Now! C, Prep, D, and E units all come with Presentation/Media Guide CD ROMs used during instruction, but also valuable as prep-time tools. These CD-ROMs contain lesson content and procedures, enabling the teacher to teach reliable content without much training and preparation.

II. Classroom Instruction and Assessment Technology

English Now! A/B v2.0
Picture File CD-ROM Has over 1,000 noun picture cards and 100 illustrated verb cards that can be projected onto a screen; compatible with digital presentation systems like SmartboardTM or Promethean BoardTM technology; can be used for to review vocabulary on individual computers.
Media Guide CD-ROM Multimedia CD-ROM that integrates sound, video, text, and graphics, used by the teacher to present content to the whole class or small group.


English Now! C v2.0
C4, C5, C6 Presentation CD-ROM Multimedia CD-ROM that integrates sound, video, text, and graphics; used by the teacher to present content to the whole class or small group.
C4, C5, C6 Audio CDs Songs and other audio stories for Lessons
1 to 15.
C4, C5, C6 Assessment Audio CD/DVDs Pretest and posttest assessments audio and video instructions for students.


English Now! Writing
Media Guide CDs for:
Expository Writing
Persuasive Writing
Response to Literature
Narrative (Personal)
Adv. Persuasive
Narrative (Fictional)
Powerful Media Guide CD-ROMs that integrate audio, video, animation, and text; span lessons that take students through the steps of the writing process, from pre-write to publication and oral presentation; provide rigorous genre writing content that easy to teach and easy to learn.


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