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Professional Development in English Now!

LitConn product development personnel

We are committed to helping teachers and administrators implement English Now! as soon as possible after initial purchase. We are equally committed to the teachers’ long-term success in teaching the program because successful instruction is ultimately what will ensure successful student achievement. For this reason, we have structured our professional development offerings in three phases: (a) Initial Training, (b) Onsite Classroom Support, and (c) Expert/Administrator Leadership in ESL/ELD Training.

I. Initial Training

Initial Training is in two formats: (a) Direct Teacher Training, and (b) Online Training for EN! AB and C.

A. Initial Direct Teacher Training

Soon after initial purchase, the responsible district or site person is contacted by LitConn to plan initial training. A “Professional Development Plan” is written to solidify specific details of both the initial training and follow-up support. Initial training is provided by a LitConn Expert who provides the school or district with meeting notes, attendance records, and evaluation/reflection forms soon after the training.

B. On-Demand Online Training for English Now! AB and C

Online training is available on-demand for English Now! AB and C. Each lesson type is demonstrated on video by a teacher and students. The online training, if followed sufficiently by the teacher, provides what is necessary for immediate and effective classroom implementation of English Now! AB and C. We provide the school/district with an online access key at their request.

II. Onsite Classroom Support

From past experience, we know that the best time to support teachers in implementing a new programis within six months of initial implementation. We have also found that two classroom visits by a LitConn Expert is the optimal amount of time for classroom support. In addition, the types of support that are most beneficial are:

A. First Visit: Materials Management and Assessment

The first visit, typically two hours in length, focuses on management of materials and assessment. The LitConn Expert offers suggestions for minimizing prep time by providing organizational and time-saving tips. She also models administering, scoring, and charting pretests, and using pretest results to inform instruction. If time allows, the Expert and Teacher could also do side-by-side teaching.

B. Second Visit: Lesson Study through Side-by-Side Teaching

The second visit, also typically two hours in length, focuses on an in-depth study of a typical English Now! lesson. The Expert and Teacher agree on the teaching sequence, teach the lesson as planned, then debrief the lesson. They list next steps for continuing implementation and improvement of instruction.

III. Support Personnel/Administrator Leadership in ESL/ELD Training

Also from past experience, we have found that training site support personnel and administrators within the first six months of implementation is optimal. The goal of this training is to provide them with tips on effective schoolwide implementation of English Now! The training has three segments: (a) Leadership in Analyzing Assessment Results, (b) Leadership in Classroom Implementation, and (c) Leadership in Providing Teacher Support.

Cost of Training: The cost of training is determined after a “Professional Development Plan” is put together jointly by the school/district and LitConn.

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