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English Now! Writing Response to Literature (D)

Students using English Now! Writing Response to Literature

English Now! Response to Literature is a writing program designed for students who have difficulty composing essays in English. The goals of the program are to (a) Rapidly improve students’ writing proficiency; (b) help students pass writing proficiency exams; (c) enable teachers to teach essay writing effectively and with ease.

Lessons are presented with a combination of digital audio-video presentation combined with direct teacher instruction. Oral rehearsal with a partner leads to sentence-by-sentence guided writing. Paragraph development lessons are followed by lessons on revising, editing, and writing the final essay. Students make and oral presentation of their published essay to a pre-identified audience.

The response to literature unit consists of: a pretest, 14 systematic and explicit writing lessons, writing workshop lessons, writing workshop mini-lessons with a magazine, and a posttest.

Students learn to:


MS Unit 8 Response to Literature (D) HS Unit 8 Response to Literature (D)


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