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English Now! Writing

Student uses English Now! Writing

English Now! Preparatory Expository Writing provides excellent preparation for the standardized writing tests given to all students including English Language Learners and those who struggle with writing proficiency.

Students learn to:

  • Read, understand, and interpret writing prompts.
  • Use a Question Cue Card to practice questioning techniques.
  • Study a color-coded expository essay design.
  • Create a vertical essay outline.
  • Experience sentence-by-sentence guided writing.
  • Learn revising, editing, and publishing techniques.
  • Participate in extended Writing Workshop sessions.


Upon completion of English Now! C4 and C5, English Learners proceed to English Now! C6 and English Now! Preparatory – Expository Writing. These units are excellent preparation for the standardized writing tests to come, giving English learners a chance to score well on district or state reading and writing tests.

Because questioning is essential to critical thinking, English Now! Prep Expository and Persuasive teach the students to ask and answer questions through the use of a device called Question Cue Card. Next, students learn how to read, understand, and interpret writing prompts, the first skill required when taking a writing test. Now the students are ready to plan and organize their writing, which they accomplish by studying a color-coded expository essay design that they transfer to a vertical outline.

The next lessons are dedicated to sentence and paragraph formation, developed along a “gradual release” schema, where students first see models from a digital audio-video presentation, then receive instruction from the teacher, followed by oral rehearsal with a partner, and finally, sentence-by-sentence guided writing. This lock-step sequence makes the writing task doable and motivating for struggling writers and for those needing linguistic assistance during the entire writing process. The paragraph development lessons are followed by lessons on revising, editing, and writing the final essay. The students then make an oral presentation of their published essay to a pre-identified audience.

The explicit writing lessons are followed by at least one round (three sessions) of writing workshop, where students are given the opportunity to receive group and individualized instruction and multiple opportunities to write independently. Students choose their own topics and write at their own pace.


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