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For Sure! Extra Support for Struggling Readers

This is the answer to underperformance in reading, an issue becoming far too widespread in today's American classrooms. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), approximately 66% of 8th and 12th-graders read below the proficient level, and about 25% are unable to read at even the most basic level. Get your students up to speed with the reading skills that will not only foster their academic success, but also prepare them for the world ahead!

For Sure! Level 1. The cards shown here represent only a small portion of the total number of cards included in the set.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is For Sure?

For Sure! is a set of instructional reading materials based on English language arts standards and best teaching practices in reading intervention.

2. Who are the target students for For Sure?

  • Struggling readers in Grades K-5
  • English learners in Grades K-5.

3. What standards are taught in For Sure?

For Sure! addresses the Common Core standards, which have been implemented in 44 states, as well as the standards of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. However, For Sure! can be implemented in your school whether or not your state has a mandated standards initiative. Specific standards for each lesson are listed on the teacher guide's 'introduction' page for each lesson.


4. What are the instructional time requirements in For Sure?

  • One storybook a week, 20-30 minutes per day
  • “Intervention Cycle” of 15 to 20 consecutive school days to complete 3 storybooks
  • Number of intervention cycles dependent upon length of intervention time

5. Who can teach For Sure?

  • Classroom teacher
  • Any adult certified by the state and district to teach reading in a categorically funded or Special Education program.

6. What are the materials in For Sure?

The materials necessary to teach FS! are included in each teacher's kit, and vary from kit to kit. The specific materials for each lesson are listed on the teacher guide's 'introduction' page for each lesson. The illustration below gives a general idea of the materials included for each level.


7. What is the instructional sequence in For Sure?

For Sure! uses a “one storybook a week” sequence as follows:

For Sure! Lesson Sequence

                         (Watch the video above for an explanation of the sequence)


8. How do I know what For Sure! levels to purchase?

Use the program recommendation below to determine your initial purchase. Remember the “one storybook a week” schema (or one level – 3 storybooks – every 15 to 20 days) to determine how many levels to purchase initially.

The total number of levels depends upon the length of time designated for intervention.

  • Students on or slightly below grade level (classroom intervention)
    • Kindergarten: Levels 1 – 3
    • Grade 1: Level 4 – 6
    • Grade 2: Level 7 – 9
    • Grade 3: Level 10 – 12
  • Students one year below grade level (targeted intervention)
    • Grade 1: Levels 1 – 6
    • Grade 2: Levels 4 – 9
    • Grade 3: Levels 7 – 12
    • Grade 4: Levels 10 – 12
    • Grade 5: Levels 10 – 12
  • Students two or more years below grade level (intensive intervention)
    • Grade 2: Levels 1 – 9
    • Grade 3: Levels 4 – 12
    • Grade 4: Levels 7 – 12
    • Grade 5: Levels 7 – 12

9. How can I order For Sure?

Use the FS! Price List to prepare your district requisition/purchase order form, or ask a LitConn representative to help place your order.


Students using For Sure!



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