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English Now! C v2.0

Students partner share in English Now! C

English Now! C Unit 4 introduces science concepts about weather. Students learn about the seasons, weather conditions, temperature, condensation and evaporation. Grammatical forms are explicitly taught and are determined by two language functions: description and cause and effect. Vocabulary includes collocations, social lexical phrases, and words with multiple meanings.



English Now! C is an English as a Second Language (ESL)/English Language Development (ELD) program. It is designed for English Language Learners (ELLs), Grades 2-8, at the language proficiency levels 3 and 4, and Grades 9-12 ELLs at language proficiency level 3. There are three 15 lesson units: Unit 4, Unit 5, and Unit 6. The goal of the program is to increase language proficiency, listening skills, speaking skills, writing and rules of rhetorical organization, and reading.

Upon completion of English Now! A/B v2.0 Upper Elementary, English Learners proceed to English Now! C v2.0, which has the following components:


English Now! C v2.0 operationalizes the centrality of listening – fundamental principle of language acquisition. Listening comprehension is not only the foundation for speaking, writing and reading, but also a skill in its own right. English Now! C v2.0 applies this principle by explicitly teaching listening comprehension in Lessons 1 to 5. Listening outcomes, vocabulary, and grammar skills learned in the listening lessons are directly applied to writing in Lessons 6 to 10, and vocabulary and reading comprehension in Lessons 11 to 15.


Top-down speaking skills are developed through discussions, conversations, interviews, role plays, audio taped oral dialogues, and speeches. A signature feature of English Now! is the use of question-answer protocols through a Question Cue Card. The question types that promote conversation are repetition, paraphrase, verification, clarification, elaboration, extension, and challenge.


In English Now! the writing focus follows the listening and speaking focus to immediately apply the vocabulary, forms, functions, and rules of rhetorical organization and cohesion taught in the listening and speaking lessons. To relate speaking to writing, English Now! C v2.0 uses the structured interview to gather information through note taking, then using these notes as the basis for written composition.


The reading content of English Now! C v2.0 is derived from social studies and science, and are text graded at 4.0 to 6.0 readability. As in writing, listening and speaking are primary vehicles in learning to read word forms and learning to extract meaning from text.


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