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English Now! A/B v2.0 | Grade 2 Lessons | LitConn

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English Now! A/B v2.0 Grade 2 is designed for English Language Learners (ELLs) entering Second Grade with two learning needs: (a) a developmentally appropriate curriculum, and (b) age-appropriate second language instruction. It includes daily vocabulary development, student interaction, and the practice of simple commands performed with daily activities and classroom games. Students entering Grade 2 at English Proficiency Level 1 should be at English Proficiency Level 3 after 150 English Now! lessons, and possibly at Level 4 or 5 with the inclusion of 30 additional Intervention lessons.

There are three units in English Now! A/B Grade 2. Each unit has three lesson cycles each with 15 core lessons, plus 5 Phonemic Awareness and Pronunciation lessons, bringing the total to 50 lessons. Assessments include a Pretest, two Progress Tests, and a Posttest. There are 150 lessons in the entire program.


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