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English Now! A/B v2.0 Instruction - Four Easy Steps

Step 1 - Vocabulary/Grammar through Listening & Speaking

Rapidly learn hundreds of nouns and verbs by using them in sentences.

English Now! Picture File Vocabulary Sample Sentence Structures
point to pencil eraser notebook Point to the pencil.
show me crayons book stapler Show me the book.
get paper scissor cd player Please get the scissors.

Step 2 - Oral and Written Composition

Orally compose simple stories using vocabulary learned in Step 1.

A. Oral Composition B. Modeled and Interactive Writing C. Independent Writing
oral comp These students are the teacher's helpers. One girl is collecting the scissors. The other girl is wiping the desks. The girl is dusting the computer.
The boy is putting the books away.

Step 3 - Vocalized Reading and Reading Comprehension

Read texts “engineered” at grade level readability that use the words learned in Steps 1 and 2.

Vocalized Reading Asking, Locating, &
Answering Questions
Oral Retelling of Story
1. Tch. reads aloud, modeling phrasing and intonation.
2. Tch. and sts. echo read.
3. Tch. and sts. choral read.
4. Tch. and sts. cloze/gap read.
5. Partners take turns reading aloud.


Ask: What is Rosa doing?
Locate: Locate answer in text and frame it.
Answer: Rosa is dusting the computer.
Oral Retelling

Step 4 - Phonemic Awareness and Language-Based Literacy

Practice phonemic awareness and pronunciation (Lev. 1-2) or language-based writing and reading
(Lev. 3-4).

Phonemic Awareness & Pronunciation
(Lev. 1-2)
Languge-Based Writing & Reading
(Lev. 3-4)
Phonemic Poster Phonemic Poster 2 Language-Based


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