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English Now! Writing Persuasive (E)

Student gives an oral presentation to the class in English Now! Writing

English Now! Writing Persuasive (E) is a writing program that follows English Now! Writing Persuasive (D). It is a writing program designed for students who have difficulty composing essays in English. These students are likely to fail state and district writing proficiency tests without focused and explicit instruction in writing.

The goals of the program are to (a) Rapidly improve students’ writing proficiency; (b) help students pass writing proficiency exams; and (c) enable teachers to teach persuasive essay writing effectively and with ease.

Lessons are presented with a combination of digital audio-video presentation combined with direct teacher instruction. Oral rehearsal with a partner leads to sentence-by-sentence guided writing. Paragraph development lessons are followed by lessons on revising, editing, and writing the final essay. Students make and oral presentation of their published essay to a pre-identified audience.<

The persuasive writing unit consists of: a pretest, 12 systematic and explicit writing lessons, writing workshop mini-lessons with a magazine, and a posttest.

Students learn to:


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